Friday, November 5, 2010

PROCUMART provides tender preparation, procurement strategy and training services. We save you time, improve your tenders and help you stand out from the crowd. We partner with you to develop winning strategies and grow your business. We are specialised in building competitive biddings in the Construction and Building industry in accordance with AS2124, AS4000 and AS4122 Australian Standards (General and Standard Conditions of Contracts). 

We helps suppliers to prepare successful bidding and apply an effective marketing strategy. On the other hand, we support buyers to source and procure the most suitable goods and/or services, through integrating business strategies with an effective procurement plans.

Our mission is to simplify lives of our clients. As an experienced one-stop agency, we offer our clients a unique and integrated services and deliver turnkey solutions that are built to work, and keep on working. 

The power of integration starts with us only using standardised procedures in everything we plan and implement. This means our clients can easily outsource and implement bidding or procurement processes through our dedicated team and liberate valuable staff for more core business processes. You will not required to do any more hectic paperwork, filling forms, and submitting tenders in tender box, all these services can be done effectively through our team and in a timely manner. 

But the real power of integration comes from us taking responsibility for the entire Project. Through working closely with our clients, we analyse clients requirements, build, commission and implement an on-going and effective Procurement or Bidding Strategy to attain firm's strategic objectives. Additionally, we provide commercial and contractual advices taking into consideration factor such as required technical specification, delivery time, payment methods, selection criteria, and standards that the bid needs to follow.

When you choose PROCUMART to design, manage and implement strategic procurement or bidding plan, you are making an investment in your future productivity.

From day one, PROCUMART was built on customer service. Today we're still a company where you'll receive personal, hands-on professiOnal attention and advice. Although we've grown to manage bigger and more challenging projects, we've never lost sight of what got us here. So we're very proactive in meeting deadlines and budgets, but never compromise on quality.

A Winning Skill Combination
Just to avoid rejection in the first cut, a tender must be compliant and must address every requirement. To go on to win, it must also be competitive and persuasive - it must show, clearly and persuasively, your difference, why you should get the contract.

 Successful tendering therefore demands an unusual combination of:
  • Understanding the tender techincal requirment, payment terms and scope of work.
  • Rigorous analysis and attention to details.
  • Offer presentation skills.
  • Strong technical background
  • Compliance sheets preparation.
  • Logistic and after sales services.
  • Careful selection for the right supplier, depending on previous experience, technical background, financial capabilities and more...
  • Building and perusing customer satisfaction, via the use of the most business tools software such us CRM, and ISO quality management system.

PROCUMART provides tender preparation, procurement strategy and training services. We save you time, improve your tenders and ...